complete disorder and confusion

My whole life has been dedicated to healing in one form or another. I became a holistic healthcare provider in hopes that I could help others heal as well. After 10 successful years in practice, something still seemed to be missing. I never quite felt like I was doing a good enough job. What the problem actually was, was that I kept trying to shove myself into a box that I would never fit into – nor did I want to. I felt too restricted in my practice to do, say, and teach what I truly wanted to.

 You see, I am a sucker for all things soul baring. I have always been a truth seeker. I don’t shy away from the hard things; I run full speed ahead holding the torch. I am a rebellious healer. A nonconforming, “don’t tell me what to do”, unorthodox kind of woman.

Throughout my experiences I’ve learned a lot of things. I’ve tried to be a lot of things. I’ve lost myself more than once. I’ve been heartbroken. I have fallen to my knees in gratitude. Above all though, I have learned that:

Healing is messy. It is not linear. It is not always kind or beautiful. It can be relentless, tragic…and utter chaos

Wherever you are at on your journey – I’m in the arena with you, getting my ass kicked every day…and there’s no place I’d rather be.


  • Writing a testimonial for Autumn Smith could literally fill a book. How do you convey the care, answers, and love she has given my entire family for the past three years I’ve known her? I want to share my most memorable healing and gift she has given my family through her practice.  (more…)

    Tasha and Layden

  • Autumn Smith is AMAZING!! I went to see Autumn because I was struggling to get my health under control. I hadn’t been feeling like myself since my daughter’s birth and wanted to get back to being ME. I felt like I had a dark cloud following me everywhere. (more…)

    Katie’s Story

  • Let me see, where do I start as the mother of eight, soon to be nine children? The number of times I have called Autumn as a panicked parent with a crisis, are too numerous to count. The scariest and most recent has to do with my oldest son, Logan, who was 14 years old at the time. (more…)

    Logan’s Story (Brain Trauma)