About Autumn

Hi! I am Autumn, thanks for hanging out with me today! Let me introduce myself to you:

I am an introvert who is forced to people on the daily. If I see you in public, I will probably say something stupid because I am horribly awkward in real life. Hence the online presence…

If you know anything about Human Design, I am a Projector with a defined sense of self, throat, and mind (hello overthinking and anxiety!), spleen authority and a 1/3 profile. If you don’t know about Human Design, connect with my friend Angie on Instagram @thisdivinelydesignedlife. Prepare to have your mind blown!

I didn’t just effortlessly end up at this place in my life fully committed to unloading all of my baggage. I’ve really had to work for it! As a teen, I used drugs and alcohol to numb myself – which now I know was really just because I felt the world so deeply. I became a mother when I was 15 years old – and thank God for that because he saved my life! My second child has high functioning autism (which we have pretty much been able to completely heal!), my third has Kawasaki Disease, and I lost my fourth, our daughter Hope, in the 5th month of my pregnancy. So when I say I am in the arena with you – I AM IN IT.

My mission in life is to transform the way we, as a society, think about our health, ourselves, and each other. I am vulnerable and honest, I believe in facing all of our demons, and I am not afraid to talk about the things no one else is willing to.

Professionally, I am a Nutritional Therapist, Lifestyle Mentor, aspiring writer and Intuitive Healer. In my healing practice I have the ability to tap into the energy of others which allows me to receive messages about their physical, emotional, and spiritual health. I have been reading people my whole life but for over a decade now I have been helping people all over the country. My healing career really took off at the age of 19 when I co-created an energetic muscle response testing technique which has now been taught to thousands of practitioners nationally.

I don’t like to talk about my accomplishments because it makes me uncomfortable (clearly I have more healing to do in this area), so I am going to stop now, but there you have it – that’s me in a nutshell!

I encourage you to take a look around, read some of my blogs and if anything resonates with you, I would be happy to help you on your journey! Take a look at the services I offer and let me know if anything speaks to you. You can also follow me on Instagram to keep up with my musings of the day!