Intuitive Readings

Autumn uses a combination of her intuitive gifts as well as her training as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and her 15 years of clinical experience to assist her during readings. While engaged in a reading, Autumn is shown many different kinds of issues ranging from physical health (nutritional deficiencies, allergens, toxicity, pathogens, dietary needs, etc.), blocked emotions and emotional triggers, as well as energetic and spiritual needs.

Autumn’s physical vessel acts as a conduit of the energy to reach the other person who has asked for the healing to take place. The body will always ask for the highest priority in terms of healing, working through one layer at a time. The energy knows exactly where to go and what to do. Simply acknowledging the need, allows the healing to commence.

Autumn offers two different types of intuitive readings; emotional and physical.

Emotional readings help the client understand and work through different triggers, blockages, past trauma, fears, etc. Phone sessions are recommended for emotional readings, however, they can be done via email if you prefer.

Physical readings focus on nutritional deficiencies, allergens, toxicity, pathogens, dietary needs, lifestyle recommendations, etc. All physical readings are done remotely via email.

As with any psychic or intuitive healer, no one person is ever able to see everything. Every healer has their own unique abilities that set them apart from the rest. You could say that for Intuitive Healers, looking at a person’s energy is a lot like looking into a doll house. Each healer would see something different depending on where they were standing. One might be looking through a window into the kitchen; another might see the living room; perhaps the third may see a bedroom. Each healer has a special window that only they get to look through.

Intuitive Reading cost is $60.

Disclaimer: Any form of energy work (i.e. intuitive readings) are in no way to be mistaken for a diagnosis or medical treatment of any kind. If you feel you have health concerns, you should contact a licensed health care provider. Please read the full disclaimer at the bottom of the page.